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Current WIP :)

knit and crochet

Current WIP :) Pineapple doily dan Knitted Ruffle Hat..

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Yellow xD

alas meja

Yellow doily.. stay tune for the final shape :) Using Tulip 1/0 and sakura yarn My WIP project for tonight! Will share the pattern when I’m done with it :) Good night friends! May Allah bless us all always. Updated! Click HERE for pattern Enjoy! :)

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Corchet small doilies..

flower doilies

This is my second attempt of doing crochet with using the yarn from Yarnsonlineshop.Com, namely Derya Cotton :) Alhamdulillah this small flower or….  I’m not sure what it’s called, but I will just called it as small doily..  at least, I now understood on how to read a simple Japanese pattern chart..actually it is rather …

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Crochet Circle 3-Rows.. so easy!

crochet circle 3 rows

Assalamualaikum semua.. :) apa khabar? hihi.. new update lagi! Memandangkan hujung minggu adalah masa yang paling sesuai untuk concentrate mengait .. akhirnya kali ini, saya berusaha untuk up skill dalam crochet.. :) Alhamdulillah… akhirnya saya berjaya buat satu projek simple dan sangat senang.. Pattern ni sangat sesuai untuk beginner macam saya..  yang anda cuma perlu …

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Second progress…

lace petals

.. knitting this is a bit challenging! Feels like taking forever(first attempt of trial and error) huhu.. It is enough for tonight. InsyaAllah.. By tomorrow, hope it will be finish.. (hopefully)

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