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My weekened project :)


Assalamualaikum lovely visitors. How are you doing today? I wish everyone a happy weekend! :) I’ll do my best to make sure the blog is up to date especially about my crafting. insya Allah. at the moment, i am doing 2 W.i.Ps, a dress and a cardigan. Well.. no matter how long it takes, insya …

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Beeezzzz… buzzy buzzy bee :)


Assalamualikum.. Hello lovely visitors, How are you doing lately?  We hope and pray that everyone is doing well and fine. What I’ve been up to during this school holiday? :) Oh yes.. getting hooked! This is one of my longest WIP and  as how shown in the picture, is my Bee Cardigan which finally done! …

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10 March 2013 – Sunday


Assalamualaikum.. another Sunday is here :) The only day I can do things I like. Busy days keep haunting me lately. Alright.. do you see the picture above? Yep.. very cute isn’t it? I found this picture over the internet and share it on my page just for inspiration. And somehow, one of our lovely …

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New Needles, New Projects and New Yarns!


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.. oh Allah.. how many days, or even months did passed since my last post! Oh please, please do forgive me for not updating any new things recently. Really.. I’ve been very busy with things.. family, jobs.. etc.. how I really wish that it is 48 hours/day! Alright.. Lots of things happened.. …

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Another Baby Set – :)

Baby Set

My latest completed project :) Now.. need to finish this soon!

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