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Knitting Hat Tutorial with 2 straight Needles by Da’Knit

Hat 1

Assalamualaikum semua.. alhamdulillah hari ini saya berkesempatan untuk¬† membuat tutorial membuat topi yang paling ringkas dan senang bagi sesiapa yang ingin baru belajar mengait jarum dua. Semoga tutorial ini dapat membantu kita semua insyaAllah. NOTE: Saya menggunakan jarum circular tetapi cara tutorial ini adalah untuk jarum kait dua biasa. Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan: 1 pasang jarum …

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My soon to be….


Knitted Shawl :) and Crocheted Baby Blanket :)  

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Jarum dan Benang.. :)

shawl and baby blanket

Assalmualaikum semua.. Alhamdulillah..¬† dapat juga saya postkan entry baru kali ni :) Especially lately, been busy with some tasks though its a holiday right now, still can’t help it. Life is always like that, isn’t it? xD Alhamdulilah again, since I am out of made-to-order at the moment, so, I finally have my own time …

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Baby Cardi Magic! :D DoN3

baby cardi

Really had fun working with this :) Alhamdulillah , my baby cardi is done! :) This is open for SALE. Only 1 available. Size: 1-2 years old Yarns: 100% Baby Acrylic (Imported) Very soft :) Wash: Hand Wash, Flat Dry Price: RM65.00 (inclusive POS LAJU postage charge) contact me: sindarery@gmail.com

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Yay.. my candy is here again :D


Alhamdulillah.. What makes a knitter and a crocheter happy if not yarns? Yup yup.. Right now, I am totally in heaven to see few of my parcels, alhamdulillah, had arrived! -Thank u So Much, PostMen! – Tada!! Yayy! For the first time, I picked really nice colour for my collections :) These are Bali Yarns.. …

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I miss 2 knit lah! xD


My latest knitting project. I bought the pattern like 2 years ago.. from the knitpicks.com site. I just love the simple pattern but yet it looks very romantic once you wear it xD So now, I decided to try out the pattern with using the Alize yarns given by my hubby.. hopefully i can finish …

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Cara memulakan belajar mengait


Assalamualaikum everyone.. apa khabar? Semoga teman Da’Knit semua sihat sentiasa insyaAllah… Kali ini Da’Knit ingin membuat pos mengenai Cara Memulakan Belajar Mengait sama ada Knitting ataupun Crochet. Saya telah menerima sebuah email daripada seorang hamba Allah bertanyakan tentang cara memulakan mengait beg ataupun topi. Oleh itu, disini, saya ingin memberikan panduan memulakan seni mengait ini. …

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Simple thing always lovely!

crochet slipper

Lately, I’ve been playing with hooks more than my needles.. I guess, I just got addicted with the way how fast you can finish one project with crochet.. Knitting is always my favourite however, it’s not fair to leave out crochet as a hobby too. So I’ve been surfing around, gathering more crochet patterns to …

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A bag for a brother :)

red bag

He requested red colour.. and done! :D

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My New Collections! – I’m just a Yarn Maniac :D -


Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah….. Today.. the things I’ve been looking forward for all this week has finally arrived! I am so happy that today I received my yarns after a week of waiting. Huhh…. Honestly, I have many plan that i have set in my mind of what to do with all my yarns.. but yet, because …

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