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1010200_573467676010081_1408188188_nAssalamualaikum dan selamat petang! :)
Sesiapa yang berminat untuk membuat tempahan baby dress/topi/blanket/booties untuk raya nanti, boleh inbox kami atau email kami di
Benang-benang yang digunakan adalah benang yang berkualiti dan sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur. Bagi yang berminat untuk membuat tempahan, jika anda ada design yang spesifik, sila kemukakan bersama contoh yang diinginkan. Terima kasih!
Ery Yusof@Daknit.Com (RAMADHAN SALE at until 11 JULY 2013)

Emerald Summer Dress in Ravelry -UPDATED


Assalamualaikum and Afternoon

Alhamdulillah upon request, I have finally decided to write down this pattern and now available for PURCHASE at my Ravelry Store.
The explanation is quite long but still I hope it can be understandable. I used USA Crochet terms and suitable for Advanced Beginner and up. I got inspired writing this pattern and create this design after joining a contest done by one of my FB acquaintance. Thank you

Feel free to drop me a comment or suggestion towards my pattern. Have a nice day getting hooked!!


Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy to receive positive feedback from one of my pattern tester. Now you can have more confident in purchasing my pattern anytime anywhere ?

My Baby Emerald Summer Dress can be purchased thru this link in USD currency:

Review of my first dress pattern-design can be found here:
To customers who would like to purchase in MYR currency, please inbox me. Price is RM15.00. If you use my design and sell the finished item, please credit to Snowhitery@Ravelry. Thank you :)

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KiT Belajar Mengait bersama Set Knitting Korea :) (+ Pattern Candy Hat)


Belajar Mengait Kit+Candy Hat Pattern Design by Daknit.Com.
Set termasuk:
1 x Buku Crochet Jarum Satu
1 batang Jarum Crochet 3/0-4/0
Sepasang Jarum Knitting 4,50mm x 100cm,
2 x buku benang made in Korea 80gm
+ Pattern Purchase Candy Hat by Daknit.Com yang bernilai Rm12.00 (PDF Adobe format)
Harga kit : RM38/kit tidak masuk postage.
Stock: 10 sahaja. PM to order. Thank you!
No reserve. Payment within 24 hours after confirmation.
Email us: or inbox us at this page to orderOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pattern Purchase Candy Hat by Daknit.Com yang bernilai Rm12.00 (PDF Adobe format)