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knitting, crochet, benang, etc.. :)

Assalamualaikum and good morning! It’s great to finally get to sit back and updating this blog after a while. it’s now school holiday so more free time to do something i have planned. Alright, lets see what i’ve been up too since few weeks ago. Above picture is a sweater for my FB friend who …

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Share and Win Contest, by Da’Knit.Com


  Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone! Lama tak buat contest.. so here, Da’Knit will open another Share and Win contest. Do Join Us! Well, it’s easy Here is the detail of the contest: Photo credit: http://andreahamilton.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54f96fe988834010534dc358d970c-800wi Share and Win Theme: Knitting/Crochet in Public Rules and Terms: 1. Anda perlu share gambar anda dengan tema – …

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Experimenting before publish..


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera :) I’ve been experimenting my kopiah for the pass week. This is to ensure that my written instruction is correct after I found a small mistake in my writing therefore I need to re-do it again. So far, I made the correction for almost 5 times@_@! I’ll be writing again …

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Da’Knit ENT since 2010.. :)


Da’Knit ENTERPRISE, established since 2010 (Retailer & Wholesaler). Shop Address: Lot BG07 Bahagian C, Tingkat Bawah, Blok B, Wisma Muis, Kota Kinabalu. Online Store: www.daknit.com. Email: sindarery@gmail.com Latar belakang Da’Knit ENTERPRISE: Kami adalah perniagaan yang berdaftar dengan nama dan nombor pendaftaran Da’Knit ENTERPRISE (0000105122-T). Kami beroperasi secara online sejak May 2010 dan bergiat aktif pada …

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Emerald Summer Dress in Ravelry -UPDATED

Assalamualaikum and Afternoon Alhamdulillah upon request, I have finally decided to write down this pattern and now available for PURCHASE at my Ravelry Store. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emerald-summer-dress The explanation is quite long but still I hope it can be understandable. I used USA Crochet terms and suitable for Advanced Beginner and up. I got inspired writing this …

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Apa yang saya belajar hari ni…


Assalamualaikum dan selamat tengahari! Sejak semalam, sambil saya cuba menyiapkan shawl yang semakin lama semakin lambat di kait hehe… sambil-sambil itu saya mula mengait dress lagi. Saya suka mengait dan disamping mengait saya suka belajar dari apa yang saya dapat sewaktu mengait, contohnya, kesesuaian benang, kelebihan benang, saiz yang diperolehi, kekurangan dan kelebihan yang diperolehi …

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Renungan di petang Rabu


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My weekened project :)


Assalamualaikum lovely visitors. How are you doing today? I wish everyone a happy weekend! :) I’ll do my best to make sure the blog is up to date especially about my crafting. insya Allah. at the moment, i am doing 2 W.i.Ps, a dress and a cardigan. Well.. no matter how long it takes, insya …

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New Needles, New Projects and New Yarns!


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.. oh Allah.. how many days, or even months did passed since my last post! Oh please, please do forgive me for not updating any new things recently. Really.. I’ve been very busy with things.. family, jobs.. etc.. how I really wish that it is 48 hours/day! Alright.. Lots of things happened.. …

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Another Baby Set – :)

Baby Set

My latest completed project :) Now.. need to finish this soon!

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