Simple thing always lovely!

Lately, I’ve been playing with hooks more than my needles.. I guess, I just got addicted with the way how fast you can finish one project with crochet.. Knitting is always my favourite however, it’s not fair to leave out crochet as a hobby too. So I’ve been surfing around, gathering more crochet patterns to put into my collections, and then, I found this very lovely slipper from ZoomYummy.Com. Thank you so much for sharing :)

The tutorial is very clear, easy to be understood and so easy to make! For the first time, I took the challenge to crochet something that I never done yet before, this cute simple slipper! :) Well.. since it’s my first time and just some trial and error, don’t ask me where is the other half :P. Because I’m so excited, I couldn’t wait to show it to you! ( Will move to second slipper insyaAllah.. soon!)

Tada!! My first slipper xD yay!! Alhamdulillah.. Oh yes, this rakuraku really feel good to be held. However, in my opinions, the clover comfort hook and rakuraku do give me the same feeling while crochet :P Both are comfortable and pain-relief if you are a core-crocheter. Oh and.. isn’t the yarn looks yummy?? xD This yarns was a swapped with kak Aisyah Helga. I really love this yarn so much because of the texture feel so like a fabric though the fiber was a 100% acrylic. This yarn is from ice yarns, summer rose. Unfortunately, there is no stock for this colour anymore.. :( sob…

Oh and.. good news for every hooks lovers, Da’Knit Online Store had been updated with new stocks. Don’t miss out our hot items, the 6 hooks per set with handle and sweet colour. They are light and comfortable to use for long hours. Also, there will be a free gifts for the first 5 buyers of this hook. So Hurry Up! :)

Don’t forget to visit us xD anything, don’t be hesitate to email us at or at

Soon, I’m going to start back with my customer’s order. Need to knit it fast (again and again and again hehe..) Kak Pari Pari.. kalau ada apa2.. email saya ya :) terima kasih di atas order akak sekali lagi..alhamdulillah..

Thank you for hopping by! May Allah swt bless us all. Thank you and have a good night!

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Alhamdulillah.. what a wonderful day ! :D

Assalamualaikum :D

How is everyone today? Wish that all of you are in good health and joy! Ehem… I’m very excited today. Can you guess why?? hehehe…. Finally.. the hook that I’ve been waiting for had arrived today. So so so… here it is!

Please open me…!

Yay!! My hamanaka raku raku 3&4mm..

My short review about this hook:

This hook is light, comfortable, and very nice! xD

But.. the most exciting part of today which makes me feel so happy is .. this!!! :D Waahhhaaa… I really feel so touch when I see this lovely frame.. what a wonderful gift :”)))

Kak Natasha.. thank you so much for all .. this gift really makes my day! :) May Allah swt bless us all..

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Thank you for such beautiful Quotes :D

Thanks for sharing with me these beautiful quotes, Kak Aisyah :)

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A bag for a brother :)

He requested red colour.. and done! :D

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Coming project…

My latest project.. Knitting a hat and crochet a bottle bag :)

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