New project, and new yarns in shop!


A very quick update for today :)

What is my latest completed project?

Hihihi.. I knitted a dress and crocheted a hat and booties for my daughter. Alhamdulillah, it fits her very nicely. Using only one ball of Alize Sekerim Batik 3067, I am definitely going to make another set later.

What is my work in progress at the moment?

This is going to be a vest soon. Really, I am so excited to see the result. This yarn is really nice to work with using Alize Sekerim Junior. Definitely going to buy again soon!

What is my new yarn collections?

Alhamdulillah.. finally this baby Nako Hosgeldin is now in my collection. Still thinking what will I do with this. Blanket?  A baby set? Sweater? Cardigan? hmmm..

What is new in our shop?

Alhamdulillah.. Baby Nako Lollipop is now available to purchase@  Any questions, inquiries, hesitations, etc.. please do not hesitate to contact us via Message Button or email us at

May Allah swt bless us all.
Have a great day everyone!

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New yarns and new colours in stock! – Also.. Coming Soon :)

Coming soon…

Contact us at or at PAGE for more information, details and assistance. Thank you :)

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My latest project and new collections :-)

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillah, havent notice that i’ve been away from blogging for a while. Still having small fever today but slowly feeling better. I would like to share with you my latest project. This is my latest knitting cardigan. It was requested by our walk in customer.

honestly, after this, i will focus more on my own projects. Well, so many pending wips, now that i need to focus on them., i know its not good to keep delaying ur work. Huhuhu… oh n, my old hobby is coming back :-) can u guess what? jum cuci cuci mata looking at my new yummylicious yarns collections :-)

Ok… i admit i spent too much on yarns lately, while i dont even have plans what do i have to do with them. InsyaAllah there will be more to arrive and hopefully, i really can make something out of it. Oh Allah… while writing this, my another yarns i just bought from kak wie just arrived safely.. :-) :-) :-) oh ya oh ya.. i know i am showing off lol… just cant help to show these sweeett yarns

lovely yarns… yummm…  :-)

So, until next time, hope i ll come up with more projects soon :-)
May Allah bless us all. Thanks for hopping by.

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Knitting.. pengalaman pertamaku.

Projek terbaru untuk pelanggan yang dikasihi daknit :)


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Knitting+Crochet = Classic!

From a short neck warmer ( for babies ) – do babies wearing neck scarf? :3

Turn it into a hat! :D

what do you think guys? :D

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