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Selamat datang! Thank you for hopping by to my blog :) Let’s have some introduction.

Who are you, Da’Knit?

Hi :) My name is Er or some people call me as Ery. And few called me as Sindar/Sindarery. I am a teacher. I love teaching but also I love doing business.

How did you get the name of Da’Knit/Sindarery?

Oh well..  to be frank, i have no skill in making a good name and that’s why, I have trouble to find one! Therefore, most of the good names were taken. This is why, coming from nowhere, I came out with Da’Knit, that I thought it would be easy to pronounce and remember, where Da stand for The and Knit is for Knit. Easy, right? :)

How about Sindarery?

Sindarery is my pen name. Do you know a game name Suikoden? Sindar is a place that comes from this game. Suikoden is my legend. While Ery is a nickname that I used when I do not want to reveal my real name to someone new. So, long story short, one day, I asked my very very good friend who is now turn to be my husband, to help me create a new email which I don’t remember the reason why, so he came up with the name of Sindarery and created this name. Tada!! As a result, I love the combination :)

Single or married?

When I first creating this blog, I was single, but on Sept 2011, I got married with a Turkish gentleman from Turkey. I met my husband on the early of 2007. And now we are living in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. How do we met? Well.. let’s keep it as a secret ;)

Do you have kids?
Alhamdulillah, I have a daughter and I love her as much as I love my husband. She born on 2011 during Ramadan :) It is a blessed!

What is this blog about?

I created this blog for the passion I have towards knitting and crochet. I learnt to knit at the end of 2009, and created this blog on May 2010. I also learnt to crochet after I saw lots of beautiful stuffs made by crochet. I love both knitting and crochet equally. My husband was the one who suggest me to fill in my free time with something during the long school holiday. So I decided to start learning knitting.

Do you have a store?

Yep, we do have a store. I am the founder of Da’Knit, and slowly starting this small business by selling my extra yarns that I have just so I can share my hobby with someone else. And I still remember my very first customer :) Not long after, we started to take serious step by becoming an Ice Yarn authorized reseller on 27 August 2011, and built Daknit.Com not long after that.  We are now running the small-business as a family, managed by my husband and my mother. Most of the times I am the person who is in charge of Customer Service :) Because I love talking with new people and get to meet many good people among.

What is your web-store?

Our wholesale yarn shop:

Our retail yarn and tools shop: (Da’Knit ENTERPRISE (0000105122-T))

We are aiming to be one of the best knitting and yarn store in Malaysia also Worldwide, providing a competitive and reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy the quality of the products we bring to Malaysia. In addition, with the experience and a strong background of business family (from my husband’s and my mother’s side) we will make sure to do our best for 100% satisfaction guarantee, warm reply and a friendly service. So please have a trust on us!

How do we get connected with you?

With the technology we have nowadays, everyone can be easily reached with no hassle :) and so are we. We have a Facebook Page account, please feel free to hop by anytime at our page

Thank you for willing to give your time reading this post and thank you for everyone’s support, especially to our dear regular customers :) Without you, there is no Da’Knit!

May Allah swt bless us all.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting everyone!

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10 March 2013 – Sunday

582703_572548272757561_657647707_nAssalamualaikum.. another Sunday is here :) The only day I can do things I like. Busy days keep haunting me lately. Alright.. do you see the picture above? Yep.. very cute isn’t it? I found this picture over the internet and share it on my page just for inspiration. And somehow, one of our lovely customer made a request for me to knit exactly as how in the picture. wah.. a  new challenge cause i am not sure if the pattern is available.

482479_535098293180353_1899957955_nSo.. after go thru the discussion, i finally decided to take the challenge and knit one. Actually the colour is much softer than the picture above. The contrast is too strong :( but I’m very happy with my own progress. Let’s see how it will turns out soon.

578016_535393036484212_1661447200_nIn the meantime, I can’t help myself but to do a new project, very simple project. I will share with you in my next post.

A little story to share..

One of my friend, also a colleague, well.. lets just say that she is now in “lovey-dobey” mood :) She was asking me to crochet something as a gift for her someone special. She kept asking me what will be a great gift so my suggestion is a hat, or.. a snow cap. Since the man is living in 4 seasons country, so it will be perfect to wear on winter or even during cold spring. Hihihi… it was funny, at first, she so excited to make the hat by herself, but then, don’t know why suddenly she changed her mind and ask me to do, but my best colleague offered to complete the hat :). So the hat is done by two persons, I did the top, and my best colleague did the body. And the result was awesome :D So, I wanted to do something similar using the new yarns I bought and i’m planning to make more of them. Simple hat, yet nice :)

542861_530098657013650_1370149574_nHere are my new yarns, Nako Rekor, soft and the texture is a bit fluffy when knit/crochet. 100% acrylic but really nice and I love it. I used the orange/peach colour to crochet the hat i showed you just now. I’ll do it slowly.. insya Allah.

Ok.. I need to continue my W.i.P
I’ll see you later again on my next post.

Thanks for hopping by and May Allah swt bless us all.

I am not being much active inside my blog. So please, if you have questions, please straightly email us at Thank you :)

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New Needles, New Projects and New Yarns!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.. oh Allah.. how many days, or even months did passed since my last post! Oh please, please do forgive me for not updating any new things recently.
Really.. I’ve been very busy with things.. family, jobs.. etc.. how I really wish that it is 48 hours/day!
Lots of things happened.. Lots of things passed and became new lesson… many things that for sure, everyday is a new life.
Well.. I just wanted to share something I’ve been up to lately ;)
Lets have a look!
574530_342367285871995_2119869015_nOh Oh Oh!! Yes yes yes!! What is it? Addi Clicks wow.. I also don’t believe my eyes that finally I own this one :) Thank you so much to my dear husband for willing to share with me and make this a birthday gift (yes.. so early birthday gift). And only 1 comment I can say.. I LOVE IT!!

487183_528671087156407_1668600447_nAnd this is my new project. It’s a request by a customer. Lovely customer :) She wanted me to make something like a bee. Homm.. well I’ll do my best then :) Hopefully it will turns out perfect. I’m using Nako Baby Luks Minnos for this project. You can check out the yarns at We have more than 20 colours to choose. They are super soft baby yarns and I really really love it! Always :)

267898_345059638936093_238677369_nWho says we always have enough yarns? NO we DONT! hehehe.. Yep.. my new collection again after that collection and that one.. hihi.. Yes, never going to feel enough when it comes to yarns <3 They are Red Heart and they are made in Turkey :D yay!! I loveeee Turkish yarns… They are superb! (My own opinions.. but may be differ from people to people)

I have to stop writing for now. More works are waiting for me tomorrow, so I have to get my sleep early. Oh and.. last but not least, have a nice eye-viewing to my last project :) Beware of my First Fair Isle Baby Hat, yay <3 – Don’t mind me.. I can be crazy sometimes :P

16409_522744851082364_45079458_nI bought the pattern from Patternfish I guess… not sure.. or was it Ravelry? Hmm.. but where ever it was, this pattern is totally awesome.

Well.. till then!
Thanks for hopping by, have a great night and May Allah swt bless us all.

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7 January 2013 – :) Buku dan benang..

Assalamualaikum.. selamat malam, apa khabar semua? Saya doakan semoga tahun baru ini merupakan tahun yang lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin..  Pertama kali, saya ingin ucapkan terima kasih kerana anda masih sudi lagi bersinggah ke blog yang sudah pun bersawang ini.

2012 merupakan tahun yang mencabar dan memberikan kenangan manis buat saya :) Ini kerana pada tahun 2012 saya bergelar sebagai seorang ibu. Sangat bermakna buat saya, masyaAllah.. dan saya berdoa semoga Allah menjadikan saya, suami, anak-anak dan keluarga semuanya dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman.. amin, amin amin ya rabbal’alamin..

Saya ingin  berkongsi aktiviti terbaru.. apa lagi kalau bukan mengait :) yup.. mengait merupakan hobi yang sukar sekali dikikis.. duit pun terkikis olehnya hihihi.. tak adalah saya gurau aja :)

Hari ni, benang yang saya beli dua hari lalu, telah pun sampai dengan selamatnya alhamdulillah. Sejujurnya, saya sudah begitu lama ingin merasa kait benang ni :) dan akhirnya, saya dapatkan juga 2 buku agar tidaklah kempunan merasa.. :) jom tengok gambar..

Caron Simply Soft.. oh ya memang lembut! Suami saya pun kata – soft – :) akhirnya merasa lah juga pegang benang ni.. warnanya pula mmg dah lama plan nak beli match seperti di gambar. insyaAllah akan cuba usahakan untuk di kait. Sayang benang kalau tak kait.. sebab itu, azam baru saya 2013, saya akan pastikan setiap benang yang dibeli akan digunakan sebaiknya… memang sayangggg sangat mau guna.. tetapi lagi sayang kalau tak kait :) kalau kait nampak lagi hasilnya kan ? xD

Yapp… semalam saya print banyak pattern.. especially yang purchased punya.. minta tolong husband -binding-kan. Dan memang puas hati :) Terima kasih canim!

Tabiat saya yang paaaling saya tidak suka ialah print dan simpan.. saya sangat suka print pattern.. apabila sudah dicetak, saya pasti akan simpan.. kemudian.. tidak lama selepas itu, bila nak cari semula.. entah ke mana perginya.. selalunya kertas-kertas ni akan hilang apabila saya mengemas rumah.

Maka azam baru 2013.. asal sahaja saya print, saya akan print banyak-banyak sekali dan akan terus bukukan.. Hihi.. husband ada belikan fail juga untuk simpan pattern-pattern yang telah dicetak.. saya tinggalkan di kedai untuk memudahkan pelanggan yang inginkan pattern.

Ini adalah di antara koleksi terbaru saya sepanjang 2012.. I love them all :) Ada banyak pattern-pattern yang mudah untuk di kait.. dan semua buku ini adalah buku crochet.

Benang lagi! :) Benang yang ditukar suka sama suka dengan kak Marlyna.. oh saya memang sukaaaa sangat dengan benang Uptown Universal.. sangat lembut.. ingat tak pada entri sebelum ni, saya pernah kongsikan gambar benang dari jenama yang sama?

Saya jatuh hati sangat-sangat dengan benang ni.. bila di kait, feelnya seakan-akan mengait benang Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik :)  Setelah itu, saya mencari lagi di tempat yang selalu saya beli tetapi dah tak ada.. alhamdulillah akhirnya dapat juga even sebuku :) Yang Red Heart itu pun benang baby dan sangat lembut sekali.. kedua-dua jenis benang ini ialah benang USA. Saya masih memikirkan projek yang sesuai dikait menggunakan benang di atas..hihi tapi tahu tak anda? Kebanyakkan benang-benang import USA adalah benang Made in Turkey ;)

Made in Turkey, and yes, I love Turkish Yarns so much <3 You should have a try too ;)

Alhamdulillah.. selesai menulis blog hari ni.. mata saya pun dah tertutup separuh.. esok nak kerja.. jadi elok tidur awal sikit :)

Oh ya.. sebelum saya mengundur diri.. agak terkejut melihat visitor hari ini.

wahh.. siapakah gerangan yang sudi melawat Da’Knit sehingga 2365 visits? hihihi.. Bot google kot :P
Selamat malam semua.. semoga malam ni anda bermimpi yang indah, insyaAllah..
Apa-apa pun, thank you so much for dropping by…

May Allah swt bless us all..amin.

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My Flowery Hat – Trial and error.. :)

Alhamdulillah.. after being inspired by lots of flower hats I saw in the internet, I decided to make one for myself.. and yes! I did it :) Simple yet cute i think lol..  Things that really catch my eyes is the flower with 3 layers that I just crochet without a pattern, and can’t believe it worked!

I love the flower.. the blue colour was a good choice and I really think it does makes the combination of the colour look sweet. (Correct me if i am wrong ya!)

I am planning to make more of this. More to baby size so  that I can put more stuffs in the shop hihi.. I am using 4 colours from the Nako Baby Luks Minnos yarns. One thing for sure, I’m going to collect more of these yarns again with bonus of adding more colours in my collection. Besides, plain colours are perfect for designing your own project  and now I understand why knitters/crocheters always prefer plain colours when starting a project. hence..  we will bring more plain colours soon in store, insyaAllah.. may Allah swt make it easier for all of us.. amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin. <3

Thank you for hopping by!

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